FastSpring allows you to accept online payments by also providing a one stop solution which includes shopping cart management, payment page to collect payment information and order management. FastSpring is accepted almost in every country.

LicenseSpot integrates with FastSpring automatically creating a new customer and someone buys from FastSpring and also automatically creating a license when customer successfully pays via FastSpring. We also support quantity handling by updating the number of max activations allowed in a license taken from the quantity ordered.

You can set up this integration in three easy steps.

Step 1: Go into FastSpring and add a new notification

In FastSpring, click on the notification icon at the top menu:



On the notifications page, click to add a new Custom Notification:


Step 2: Configure the custom notification

Fill out the following fields:

  • In the Event Type field select Order Completed.
  • In the Destination field enter HTTP URL.
  • In the Live Server URL enter
  • In the Content Type drop down select Name/Value Parameters.


Click Next and fill out the following fields:

  • In the Name field enter LicenseSpot Integration.
  • Click on the Security tab and copy into the clipboard or a text the Private Key value field. You’ll need it later.
  • Click on the HTTP Parameters tab and the following two new parameters:
    • LS_ApiKey: Enter your LicenseSpot API key that can be found under Your Account -> Account Settings. licensespot-fastspring-setup-2
    • LS_LicenseTemplateId: This is the license template to use when creating the license. Generally this is the license template used to create a license once the customer pays. It doesn’t have any trials configured. You can get the ID by editing the template.licensespot-fastspring-setup-3




Click on Save on the right column.

Step 3: Configure the FastSpring private key

Now to go into LicenseSpot and click on Your Account -> Account Settings.

On the Payment Provider key, paste the FastSpring private key.


Now you’re complete.

For testing, go to Store Testing in the FastSpring home page and place a test order.