FastSpring allows you to accept online payments by also providing a one stop solution which includes shopping cart management, payment page to collect payment information and order management. FastSpring is accepted almost in every country.


LicenseSpot integrates with FastSpring automatically creating a new customer when someone buys from FastSpring and also automatically creating a license when a customer successfully pays via FastSpring. We also support quantity handling by updating the number of max activations allowed in a license taken from the quantity ordered.

You can set up this integration in three easy steps.

Step 1: Go into FastSpring and add a new webhook

In FastSpring, click on the Integrations option at the top menu and then click on Webhooks:



On the webhooks page, click to add webhook url:


Step 2: Configure the webhook url

Fill out the following fields:

  • In the URL field enter
  • In the HMAC SHA256 Secret field enter a random word or sentence.
  • In the Events select order.completed.
  • Click on the Add link at the bottom.


Now go to the Storefronts option on the top menu a copy the URL of your FastSpring store:


Step 3: Configure LicenseSpot

Now to go into LicenseSpot and click on Your Account -> Account Settings.

On the Payment Provider key, paste the FastSpring HMAC SHA256 Secret random sentence that you entered before. On the Payment Provider ID enter the store url:



Now go into a LicenseSpot license template and configure it to create licenses when the FastSpring – order.completed is invoked:


Now you’re complete.

For testing, go to Store Testing in the FastSpring home page and place a test order.