Stripe lets you accept web and mobile payments, regardless of the size of your business.

Integrating LicenseSpot with Stripe automatically adds customers in Stripe as customers in your LicenseSpot account (if they are not already there). It also creates licenses for those customers when events (like charge succeeded) are triggered in Stripe.

It also integrates Stripe subscription system with LicenseSpot, deactivating licenses when a subscription expires.

Set up this integration in three easy steps:

Step 1: Grant LicenseSpot access to your Stripe account

In LicenseSpot, go to Settings ->Integrations and click on “Add a new Integration” and select Stripe.


If you’d also like to receive test events from Stripe, after connecting your account, click on the “Enable Test Mode” on your Integrations page.

Step 2: Configure your license template to create licenses on a Stripe event

In LicenseSpot, go to Templates and select the template to be used to create a license when a Stripe event is triggered. A new field will be added to the screen called Create License on Stripe Event. Here you have three options:


  • charge.succeeded: will create a license when a successful payment is recorded in Stripe
  • customer.created: will create a license when a customer is created in Stripe.
  • customer.subscription.created: will create a license a when a new subscription is added to a customer. Use this one if you’re using subscriptions.

Step 3: If you’re using subscriptions, configure LicenseSpot to receive subscription events

In LicenseSpot, go to Templates and on the template used to manage subscriptions click on Limits. On the limits screen, select the Subscription limit. In there, tick the box Use Stripe Integration.

What this will do is that at any time, when a subscription is activated for a customer, this check box will be enabled. If the subscription is cancelled, the check box will be disabled automatically.