The activation limit allows a license to be activated against LicenseSpot. If this limit isn’t present you’ll get an error message when trying to activate a license indicating that it doesn’t support activation. This limit can be combined with any of the other limits.

The following options are available when configuring the activation limit:

  • Max Activations: indicates how many times the license or serial number can be activated. This is useful for example if want to allow the same license to be activated in more than one computer or by more than one user.
  • Grace Period: this is the period the user is allowed to use the license without having to activate it. This number represents the number days. If you set this zero, the license validation process will fail unless the license is activated, in essence, it’ll force the user to activate right away.
  • Use Hardware Lock: this option will added a hardware ID code to the license automatically. This hash code is generated based on hardware components and it’ll prevent the license from being copied from one computer to another.

Example of an activation

To activate using the LicenseSpot you can use the following code.


ExtendedLicense license = ExtendedLicenseManager.GetLicense(typeof(Form1), this,"PUBLIC_KEY"); //paste your public key from Key Pairs
license.Activate("serial number")


Dim license as ExtendedLicense
license = ExtendedLicenseManager.GetLicense(Me.GetType(), Me, "your public key")
license.Activate("serial number")