The LicenseSpot Framework uses multiple processes to try to find a license installed on the users computer.

Search folders

The LicenseSpot will search each of the following folders and verify if a license file is found. Below is a list of the folders that it searches by default:

  1. The ProgramData folder located on c:\ProgramData\IPManager. This is the default location a license is saved when calling the Activate() method so this is the first that it searches by default.
  2. If the application is an ASP.NET app then it’ll search for a license file on the App_Data folder.
  3. If in none of the above a license is found then it’ll look for a file on the same folder that the application executable is running on.

If a license still isn’t found, then no license will be found and an exception will be generated. Any type of license validation will fail at this point.

Specifying a custom folder

If you’re saving the license file in a specific folder, then you can use the LicenseValidationInfo class to let the LicenseSpot Framework know where to look for the file. You can use the following code to specify a path:


LicenseValidationInfo info = new LicenseValidationInfo();
info.LicenseFile = new LicenseFile("custom license path");
ExtendedLicense license = ExtendedLicenseManager.GetLicense(typeof(Form1), this,info, "PUBLIC_KEY"); //paste your public key from Key Pairs


Dim info as New LicenseValidationInfo()
info.LicenseFile = new LicenseFile("custom license path")
Dim license as ExtendedLicense
license = ExtendedLicenseManager.GetLicense(Me.GetType(), Me, info, "your public key")
Dim isActive as Boolean = license.IsSubscriptionActive