The network limit allows you to configure network or floating licenses in your app. Floating licenses allows to configure how many instances of your app can run concurrently with a specific license.

The process to control the number of apps running is done using two methods in the LicenseSpot Framework:

  • Check Out: this goes to the LicenseSpot server and checks out a connection for the license. If there are no more available connections, the server will return an error which will be bubble up to the client via the Framework.
  • Check In: will return a connection to the pool via the server. This is done to free a connection so another client can check it out.

Using this two based methods you can easily configure floating licenses in your app.

This is how it’s done in the Framework:


ExtendedLicense license = ExtendedLicenseManager.GetLicense(typeof(Form1), this,"PUBLIC_KEY"); //paste your public key from Key Pairs
//do work


Dim license as ExtendedLicense
license = ExtendedLicenseManager.GetLicense(Me.GetType(), Me, "your public key")
'do work

Keep in mind you have to decide when these methods are best executed in your app. For example, if no action can be done in the app unless a valid license is checked out, the call the CheckOut method as soon as the app starts and don’t allow usage unless the return is valid.