The time limit allows you to restrict your app to specific time frames of usage. The time limit is generally used in conjunction with the trial limit to restrict times. For example, a 30 days trial would be configured as a trial limit and a time limit set to 30 days from first time usage.

The time limit uses different methods of enforcement that includes:

  • From first use: Starts tracking the amount of time from the date the app was first run.
  • Specific Date: Will expire the license on the specified date.

Anti-Clock tampering

LicenseSpot will automatically detect if the clock where the license was installed is roll backed in the system. If the clock was rolled back from the last time the license was validate, the Time limit will fail validation and the license will also fail.

LicenesSpot will take into account daylight time savings when detecting clock tampering.

For this functionality, LicenseSpot makes use of the Secure Storage to have specific information tracked. This storage is saved locally on the computer in place hidden to the user and in an encrypted manner.