LicenseSpot provides a really flexible and powerful mechanism to protect applications made possible by the use of individual limits. Limits contains specific rules that will dictate how a software application can be used and what are the restrictions that it’ll run under.

Adding limits to a license

Limits are defined on the Template level in LicenseSpot. You can have an unlimited number of templates but you’ll always have at least two: a Trial template and a Paid template. One for running trials in your app and another for when the customers buys the app.

After you have the template defined, you can then create licenses based on this templates which already have the limits configured.

Combining limits

You have any combination of limits within a license so you customized the experience in your software. For example, the Trial limit will generally be configured in conjunction with the Time limit. The first one will let the LicenseSpot Framework know that the application is in a trial and the second one will specified for how much time the trial is valid. If your trial doesn’t have a time limitation, then you can just configure the Trial limit and that’s enough.

Limit types

There different limit types that you can use in your app: