LicenseSpot provides the ability to send automated email messages to your users and customers. This emails are triggered within LicenseSpot depending on certain events.

Currently, you can configure emails to be sent on three events:

  • On Create: will send an email when a license is created. This is the most used event as when  license is created you’d want to send the serial number to the customer so they can activate.
  • On Activate: this will send an email when a customer activates. It’s useful to send congratulatory emails as a way to build trust with your customers.
  • On Revoke: this will send an email when the license is revoked. It can be used to notify the customer that their licensed was revoke and maybe incentivate them to buy another license.

You can configure the events on the License Template screen:


Editing an Email Template

You can add or edit an email template by going to Settings -> Email Templates. In the list just pick the email template you want to edit or just click on Add a New Email Template.

In the email template screen you have the following fields:

  • Name: the name of the email template.
  • From: the email address you want the email to come from. This can be any email address but preferable one that is monitored by your company in case a customer replies.
  • To: to whom the email is directed to. Generally you’ll fill this with variable. To send the email to the customer attached to a license just enter here the word customer.
  • Subject: the email subject. This field supports variables. For a list of variables scroll below.
  • Body: the body of the email. This field supports variables. For a list of variables scroll below.
  • Is HTML: indicates if this email is going to be sent as HTML email.
  • Attach license file: With this option, LicenseSpot will attach the license file to the email. Use this only if your customers are aware of what to do with a license file. Otherwise, just send the serial number of the license in the email body.

Email Variables

Below you can find a list of email variables available in a LicenseSpot email:

Serial number of the license
License comments
The name of the customer attached to the license
The name of the product attached to the license