The LicenseSpot framework is a core component for communication between your application and LicenseSpot. It has the following capabilities:

  • Activation and trial period management
  • Floating and network licenses
  • Custom property management

Adding the LicenseSpot Framework

Adding the framework to your project is really simple. Just go to the NuGet package manager in Visual Studio a look for LicenseSpot Framework and click Install. This will do the necessary changes in your project.

Test the integration

Add the following using statement to the main form of your application. This is the first form your application runs when starting up:


using LicenseSpot.Framework


Imports LicenseSpot.Framework

On the form load event, add the following line to your code:





Now run your application. If you receive no errors, then everything was configured correctly. Remember you need to keep this lines in your application as this will setup the framework for further activities.